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Newsletter – March 2013

I’ve been told I’m not allowed to mention the weather, freezing works, store markets, rain, winter, over draft or grass! So there they all are in the first sentence all the things in the world that seem to be way beyond any sort of control this year in farming…….the best part about a day’s farming at present seems to be lunch! On a positive note the summer would have been the best we’ve had in years! Let’s hope autumn follows suit and in a hurry!

December, January and February 2013 – Have all been very busy months at the hotel, we have had a huge increase in visitors to our area and our continued support from locals has meant these months have flown by.

Dave Buick – thanks Santa for providing some light hearted fun for our Christmas cheer evening, $180 was raised for the Craft group with ‘guess the time’ competition, 3.25 for 6 lambs is honking!!

New Years – It was a bugger not having the band for New Year’s but late notice of cancellation proved very tricky trying to find a replacement. I must say it was the best I’ve felt on New Year’s Day for a year or two!

Boxing – To all who came along and supported Sonny Bill Williams Vs François Botha and Quad Cooper on the 8th of Feb, you would have to say coopers very quick and Sonny Bill is very lucky!! Boxing continues its history of rigged fights is all I can say.

Toki Bus - Hurricanes vs Chiefs, thanks to all who climbed on the 46 seater Toki bus on the 16th Feb. I’m told a great day was had by all!! Thanks to Austin and Abby for taking this trip while Paula and I sorted kids down south and dogs up north!

Tararua Vets - another informative evening on animal health and what a turn out, well done to you all for supporting this evening for the Tararua Vets and their support team of Reps!


Ladies Evening – we are looking and getting this organised for maybe the third Wednesday/Thursday evening of every month. Please contact Paula for your feedback on this one.

‘Pongaroar’ Open Hunt – Easter Weekend 29-30-31 March 2013. Registration and payment must be received by 12pm on Thursday 28th March 2013. Entry forms available from the Hotel or Dave Kirk.

Upcoming Events

  • ·         ‘Pongaroar’ Open Hunt Easter Weekend 29-30-31 March 2013.
  • ·         Tuesday – Big Pints night -    Rugby training 
  • ·         Wednesday – $6 Bottles 6-8pm-    Pool & Darts. $50 on pool table and $50 on the dart board. Draw order of entry by 6.30pm      
  • ·         Thursday – Pizza Night 6-8.30pm also available as take-aways -    Rugby trainin
  • ·         Friday - Big Jug night & Super 12 rugby on our big Screen
  • ·         Saturday – Puketoi Senior Rugby Pre-season games – all home games                                               vs Porogahau 9th March 2.30pm kick off
  •   Vs Tuhirangi 16th March 2.30pm kick off

A Note - To all who are on our email/contact list. YES we did get hacked and our apologies if you received a random email from us in the very early hours of Friday the 1st March! We would hope this doesn't happen again!

Thanks for your support. Paula & Guy, Demi, Matthew, Sara-Jane and Pippa

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